Liberty National Agency Owner
Sherri Young - Enterprise, AL

Video Transcript - I’m Sherri Young with Liberty National Life Insurance Company. I began my career in 1998 when I gave up my apron as a waitress and walked into the professional world. I had many questions and concerns. The questions I had [...] Read More

This is THE Opportunity of a Lifetime. Just ask our Agents and Managers making six-figure incomes. Yes, you read that right. Six figures. At Liberty National Life Insurance Company, YOUR hard work determines how much YOU earn. Not who you know or how much time you put in. The chance to earn a lot of money AND help people while doing it. That’s why we call it The Opportunity of a Lifetime.

Liberty National
Agency Owner

Sherri Young

Enterprise, AL
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Agency Owner Sherri Young quickly discovered success with Liberty National Life Insurance Company by putting her heart into her work. After working as an Agent for two years, Sherri was promoted to an Agency Director, and then to an Agency Owner seven-and-a-half years after that. She currently serves on the Liberty National Council of Champions. Sherri’s first experience with Liberty National was as a customer. When Sherri’s father was diagnosed with cancer, Sherri understood that if her father had a cancer policy like she did, he could have benefited from the coverage. […] Read More